I will do these live mixes where I spin through an entire album, without rehearsal and no edits, just like back in the day before the glorification of the iTunes single. Back when you listened to the entire album. Back when the work was quality. This proves there still is quality out there.

I’ve been a supporter of The Black Opera since stumbling upon them around 2010. True story — I was living in Texas at the time, and listening to now-defunct Indiefeed Hip Hop podcast hosted by producer Dirt E. Dutch, which I also stumbled onto at the time. I found Oddisee, a Sudanese M.C./producer from D.C. and wanted more of his music. Seen he was on a label called Mello Music Group, and while diggin’ around their musician lineup, saw these two Brothers that intrigued the heck out of of me. I was instantly drawn to them and usually those are the best kind of artists. Anyway, I couldn’t stop listening to their work. I love how interactive they are on social media, and the message they promote is on code — protect the code.

This most recent mix is a **Live session of their most recent duo album, although they’ve since released solo projects which I will address shortly. However, this album was quite special because, I belive, it was inspired during the election of Agent Orange (to steal a line from legendary comedian Donald Lacy, Jr.) when this Amerikkkan country was reawakened to the vicious identity which lay dormant for many years. The Black Opera is an artist group that promotes creation. And when they Tweeted “CREATE,” I knew they were up to something — and that something was African America, which was released November 11, 2016. It’s a hip hop album at its core, and this is my tribute to them. Salute!